Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So Trek has started an organization called 1 world 2 wheels, it's all about getting people to ride bikes as transportation and fun. Now, granted, Trek is a corporation, and therefor I'm sure their intentions are not quite benevolent. In fact, I'm sure what happened is that they have market research, which shows that now is a good time to push bicycle commuting as a new market they can tap into. But hey, that doesn't mean that it won't do some good for the world. Besides, I'd rather trust the benevolence of a bicycle company than GM trying to ram how green their Suburban hybrid is down my throat.

1W2W is also partnered with IMBA, and in their most recent newsletter they posted some interesting stats, which I will now bequeath to you.

- The average person loses 13 pounds in their first year of commuting by bike

- In 1964, 50% of kids rode to school and the obesity rate was 12 %. In 2004, 3% rode to school and the obesity rate was 45%

- More than half of the pollution created by automobile emissions happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively.

- About 40% of all auto trips are made within 2 miles of home. (Think about that, how often do you drive 'just to pick something up')

- A 140-pound person burns 476 calories per hour while mountain biking. If you're 195 pounds you'll burn 664 calories. (If you're an American, you're prolly a fatty, go ride your bike)

- More Americans work in bicycle-based recreation than are employed as lawyers. (I'm not really sure what the hell that one means)

There are others, but those are my favorites.

And, there is of course the best reason, in my opinion. It's a lot of fun.

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