Sunday, April 6, 2008

But it's April

So after a 'healthy' night of drinking with Mr DNA I woke up this morning (afternoon) frikkin stoked to go for a mediumish road ride. Of course this being Montana, even though it's April, I looked out the door to this.


Well, I do still need to rebuild the rear wheel to my Langster. So, with a little help from the late Sheldon Brown's Wheelbuilding page I set down in front of the TV to do just that.

Of course since I am going to the trouble of building my own wheel, I like to give it some flava that it wouldn't otherwise have. So for no particular reason I went with anodized purple spoke nipples.

As big of a pain in the ass as it was to deal with having one of my bikes out of commission because Specialized put a cheap-ass hub on their fixed gear, it is nice to have a warranty replacement Surly track hub.

People sometimes ask me why I like riding fixed. I really have no tangible reply (even though it does, in fact, feel much better than any other bike I've ever ridden) other than it is the only style of bike that I own completely redundant copies of.

So now my two favorite bikes can finally meet. Biantchi meet the Gangster. Gangster...Biantchi.

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