Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When I ride it...it goes BLIIIIIIIIING

Ahh the endgame. Two weeks ago I slapped a fixie together from an eighties Bianchi and a fixed gear wheelset from another bike.

It was nice, especially having a bike that I could run full fenders on during probably the sloppiest time of year in Bozeman. However, I'm not a fan of drops on a fixie, and I do need those wheels for my Langster.

So, today I picked up a bullhorn and a new wheelset for my latest steed.

And I figured since I have to pick up a new wheelset anyway, it might as well be gold to match the gold accents on the frame.

Of course, with apologies to Edoardo, and since it's a Bianchi, I had to go with the Celeste bar tape.

All in all, I am very pleased with this thing. It's absolutely gorgeous.

And I will admit that I've been accused of saying this about every bike that I have, but the second I hopped on this bike, it instantly became my favorite. It rolls smoove, and with the bullhorns you can accelerate. Granted it's a little ridiculous to have gold rims on a bike, but I think it's BEAutiful.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Fixie!!!

So, I built up a new fixie. It's an 80's Bianchi.

I don't quite have it dialed the way I want it. I'm gonna put some bullhorns on it, and it most definitely needs a new saddle.

And to go with these SWEET gold inlayed lugs...

...some gold deep V's ...mmmmm tasty