Friday, July 9, 2010

Hauling stuff by bike makes me happy, ergo I laugh like a fool whilst doing so

I quite enjoy using a bicycle to haul loads most people would decide to use an automobile for. When my friend SamH decided to recrute load-bike riders to move him from one house to another, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

The person laughing like an idiot in this video is me. I definitely wouldn't be remotely so mirthful if I'd been using my car to help move my friend.

Your fossil-fuel burning conveyance is unnecessary in a world with readily available load-hauling bicycles such as the Xtracycle and the Madsen. Rethink your reality. Americans have been sold on a life of convenience that is unhealthy to the point of reducing their life-span, and happiness.

I bet you've got a bike in your garage, collecting dust, sitting next to your inefficient, oil-burning car. I'm certain you'll have more fun riding your bike than driving your SUV.

Moving by Bicycle - 2010 from samh on Vimeo.