Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bozeman Alleycat

It's rediculous. I never thought that I would have more fun on a roadbike than on a mountain bike...BUUUTTT...on Sunday April 29th it happened in the form of an Alleycat race put on by a buddy of mine here in Bozeman. For those like me who don't really know what an alleycat is, I suggest you check out this website.


Our race had an open manifest, which basically means that we were given a list of places around town that we had to get to in any order we decided. It was fantastic, there were about twenty riders and the whole time everyone was riding as hard as they could, but still trying to help out all the other riders in finding checkpoints that were particularly elusive.

The race began with a foot race to the bikes about a hundred yards away. During the mayhem of the start, my chain got knocked off, unbeknownst to me. As I tried to lift the bike, clip in, and get on the pedals all in one motion, the expected resistance wasn't there and I found myself going over the handlebars before making even one full pedal rotation at the start of the race. The best part was that I dislocated my left shoulder in the process and had to do the first mile or so with one hand...awsome. I did, however win an award for my little bought of gracelessness


Anyway, one of these days I'll do some mountain bike riding, but for some reason I'm really having some fun on the asphalt quad track for the time being...