Friday, May 16, 2008


The Suz and I are going to a wedding in Salt Lake City next week. This is going to necessitate a little side trip. It's a difficult life I lead.

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Mellie said...

so i did what you said and followed the 'external link' from your myspace having assured me all was well and myspace alerting me that you could be phishing me and stealing my identity! I clicked the proverbial button anxiously awaiting the outcome and alas, my mac exploded, my hair fell out, arthritis started acting up in my knees, my toes turned black, and my PC monitor blinked on/off/on/off laughing at me-- and the printer printed a form saying the IRS was auditing me...damn.

lol, anyway found your blog! Enjoy the wedding and yes, is hard when you have to take a little side trip to MOAB! Grrr...course if I were there I'd be rock climbing and I know you'll be biking :).

Riding is going well for me I've been on a couple rides with Team Delphine, a few with Jacque, a few on my own (got lost once, it was exciting--me and the rain), will be doing a TT in June, volunteering with GVBC for Tues night rides starting in June and Riding the Tour de Jefferson May 31st which is going to kick my ass--60 mi!

Still on for Kalispell? Zach, Sara, and I would love the company and Suz could do it too! :D It'll be great!