Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Race of the Dead.

The cats over at The Fix have another race in the works for this weekend. This one is gonna go down in the dark so bring yer lights. Be at Bogert park at five thirty on Saturday 10/25. Oh, and wear a costume people...

See you there!

Update: There's going to be a "Critical Mass" centering around Bogert about the same time. Be sure and bring your withering looks.


Anonymous said...

You provide an extensive litany of the ills of automobile culture, then deride Critical Mass. Why should any cyclist be against Critical Mass? The argument presented on The Bozeman Fix is not only illogical, it is hasty, generalizing, immature, and divisive. Hoping you can do better. . .

Singletrack Mind said...

Wow, that's a stunning string of needless verbosity. I didn't bring my thesaurus home with me tonight. If you want to have an actual discussion, make an actual argument in favor of your illicit car-baiting. 'Any' cyclist (which includes me, and most of my friends) would be against CM because it does nothing to advance cycling, especially not in a community that so strongly embraces cycling culture. You're correct, I'm no fan of cars, I'm also no fan of cyclists who flagrantly disobey the law for no purpose other than giving a large number of people the middle finger. This event makes us all look like something less than what we are.

Did you even read the post on the fix? Or did you just find someone not walking in lock-step with this organized stupidity and find yourself overwhelmed with the need to rhetorically vomit on my site?

To bring this back to the soul of wit, CM is fine in Chicago, Boston, NY, etc. In Bozeman, it is pointless and counterproductive, exactly what DNA's original post stated.

And next time you're gonna call someone out, try to say something cogent.

Mr DNA said...

You got one thing right in your comment: My post on The Fix was hasty. Let's go over your other claims point-by point, shall we?
1. Illogical. Critical Mass does more harm for cyclists than good. This much is fairly well accepted by the majority of mature cyclists in this country. My claim is that IF CM happens THEN Motorists get pissed off at cyclists. IF pissed-off motorists are undecided voters AND associate this activity with Obama, THEN said motorists could interpret this as a reason (out of many)to vote for McCain. Seems pretty clear to me. Convince me that there is another possible outcome.

2. Hasty. Yes, I wrote that post in 5 minutes before bike polo on Wednesday. No argument.

3.Generalizing. "Show your support for Alternative Energy and Change". I'm having a hard time thinking of a more vapid and general statement than that. And tell me how "We will be filling all lanes of traffic in one direction of traffic flow while strictly adhering to all regular traffic laws," is going to keep me or anyone who reads this on the Obama website from making a generalization about the real purpose of this ride: A bunch of bored and spoiled trustifarians looking to get in a few good protests before Obama gets elected, forcing you to find a new cause. Put that generalization in your pipe and smoke it.

4.Immature. Aside from the alleycats we put on, we advocate for effective and legal cycling. Tell me how encouraging people to abide by the laws of the road can be construed as "immature".

5.Divisive. In the almost two decades I've been in the bike industry, I have done what I could to bring more people into the sport, activity, and culture of cycling. I put on things like alleycats, bike polo, and Rockysprints to bring my bike geek brothers and sisters together and to hopefully invite others to experience in the fun we're having. All are invited to our events (excepting those under 21 sometimes). The point of my post is an argument against Critical Mass, especially in a town where there is a great deal of HARMONY between cyclists and motorists.
Really, I'm having an awfully hard time seeing how anything I wrote can be interpreted as divisive.

I await your response. Convince me how this is a good thing in this town.