Thursday, August 28, 2008

unintendedly ironic quote of the day.

So, a few days ago, myself and sundry and diverse others from the BBK went to a meeting about the Rouse improvement project. Basically they (the DOT) are going to widen the road and the Bicycle Advisory Board was concerned that cyclists are represented in any traffic planning that goes on. It quickly became apparent to all of us that cyclists weren't going to be left out of the conversation, so I just sat back and listened. About half an hour into the meeting they had a question period. A young woman in the crowd raised her hand about midway through and the moderator handed her a microphone. She begins by stating that she's resident along Rouse Ave, and that the road in front of her residence will lose it's on-street parking should the plan go through. She then asks what contingencies are being offered to ameliorate this unfortunate turn of events. The presenter hims and haws a bit about some off-site parking area, but basically he's not sure, because clearly there's no immediately obvious solution to this 'problem'. At this point the young woman becomes quite agitated and starts to get a little aggressive in her 'query', at one point stating "...well obviously I have two cars and I blah blah blah. At that point Sam and I turned to each other and both said to each other, a little derisively, "OBVIOUSLY!"

I've got a solution for your problem lady. Sell your cars. Bikes take up way less space.