Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Riding in January?

Being winter and all, most residents of the Gallatin valley are focusing more on the fresh snow at Bridger Bowl than the possibility of getting in some epic trail rides. However a small group of Bozeman cyclists have been doing just that. By 'small group' I basically mean John and I.

John has set up a blog strictly dedicated to trail conditions around Bozeman. In the months ahead you can expect that more and more posts will pop up there detailing what is open.

For now, Pipestone is 100% ridable, and Sourdough and Southcotton wood have that well bootpacked snow that is a blast to ride...even if the skate skiers prolly want to kill us.

There's also always the daily commute, which at times is some of the best riding one can do. For the next week or two I've taken over the Snugg electric bike prototype and will be blogging about my daily rides on their blog electric commuter.

So, while it's still cold out there, just keep pedaling. As I found out on Sunday, even mountain biking in temps as low as eight below is warm if you hammer. Enjoy the short time that you can ride and not sweat like a pig :)

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Wiley said...

Who needs those skate skiers anyway? They demand so much infrastructure anyway for their highway-width trails.